1-5 p.m.
Genentech Hall - Byers Auditorium

The Genomic Medicine Initiative of the Institute for Human Genetics has recently obtained CLIA certification to provide Whole Exome Sequencing to UCSF’s clinicians. This milestone event in the delivery of precision medicine is the consequence of significant efforts by our outstanding clinical geneticists, genetic counselors, laboratory staff, molecular pathologists, bioethicists, and bioinformaticians. Whole exome sequencing analyzes the coding region of the genome for genetic variants that cause disease. By sequencing just 2% of the genome, we can detect ~85-90% of known disease-causing genetic variants. Please join us for a symposium celebrating the arrival of this cutting-edge testing technology at UCSF!

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Simulcast also will be available at N-217 (Nursing Building) on Parnassus.