Elena Flowers, PhD, RN

Associate Professor, Physiological Nursing
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My program of research focuses on precision medicine and risk for type 2 diabetes in high risk racial groups. Specifically, I am studying the utility of epigenetic biomarkers for risk detection and prediction of response to risk-reduction interventions. Current studies include investigation of microRNA expression in individuals who are insulin resistant, and prediction of response to both pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic interventions.


MicroRNAs Associated with Metformin Treatment in the Diabetes Prevention Program.

Research square

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Biological research for nursing

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Brain, behavior, and immunity

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Personalizing Mobile Fitness Apps using Reinforcement Learning.

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Hyperglycemia is associated with corrected QT prolongation and mortality in acutely ill patients.

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Physiological genomics

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Metabolic syndrome and related disorders

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A culturally specific health coaching program targeting cardiovascular disease risk in South Asians: rationale, design, and baseline data.

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Gene-environment interactions in cardiovascular disease.

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