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The Precision Medicine newsletter is designed to be brief, linking to one main story and providing succint updates on key projects and milestones. It is anticipated to go out 3-4 times a year. If at a later point you decide you no longer wish to receive the newsletter, each issue includes an easy-to-unsubscribe link.

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Issue #14, March 2024
PMWC Wrap up - Expanded Federal, AI and Equity sessions, Science Editorial, AAAS Annual Meeting presidential address











Issue #13, January 2024

Topics include: Algorithmic Justice Toward Precision Medicine workshop, Precision Medicine World Conference preview, Awards/Honors






Issue #12, September 2023

Topics include: Dentistry Precision Health, Drug Testing on your Genetics, Embedding Equity in Innovation











Issue #11, April 2023

In this 11th issue, we get a report back on the 2023 PMWC conference highlighting expanded tracks in Real World Evidence/Data and public-private partnerships, honors, latest work in Science Policy and Strategy.











Issue #10, January 2023

In the 10th issue, we get a deep look at UCSF's Research Development Office (RDO) in a Q & A with Gretchen Kiser, PhD, executive director. Wrap up of UCSF DC visits with Congresswoman Pelosi, Senator Feinstein and other political leaders.








Issue #9, September 2022

In the 9th issue, we get a report back from PMWC 2022 back in-person, and Science Policy and Strategy updates.








Issue #8, May, 2022

In the 8th issue, Keith Yamamoto discusses building the brains of precison medicine.


Issue #7, September 2021

In the 7th issue, we discuss race and racism in precision medicine. 









Issue #6, May 2021

In the 6th issue, we highlight our numerous partnerships that help deliver precision science, care, and education to the community.










Issue #5, February 2021

In the 5th issue, we discuss the January 2021 PMWC meeting, which focused on COVID-19 and its impact on science and the healthcare enterprise. 


Issue #4, November 2020

In the 4th issue, we speak with Keith Yamamoto, Natalie Alpert and UCSF students about UCSF's role in shaping science policy in Washington DC.


Issue #3, August 2020

In the third issue, we talk with Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo, Joe DeRisi, and Diane Havlir, and learn about how they are joining forces with community groups to address health disparities that have been worsened by COVID-19. 










Issue #2, April 2020

In the second issue, Kate Rankin, Riley Bove and Stephan Sanders discuss BRIDGE, bringing precision medicine into the clinic. 

Precision Medicine Newsletter, Issue 2


Issue #1, January 2020

​In the first issue, Keith Yamamoto outlines what has been accomplished in precision medicine at UCSF and why our institution is considered a leader in the field.

Top of January Newsletter with photo of Keith Yamamoto PhD