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The Precision Medicine newsletter is designed to be brief, linking to one main story and providing succint updates on key projects and milestones. It is anticipated to go out 3-4 times a year. If at a later point you decide you no longer wish to receive the newsletter, each issue includes an easy-to-unsubscribe link.

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Issue #15, July 2024

Spotlight on Nevan Krogan- Krogan's collaborative work aligns with the principles of precision medicine, integrating basic and clinical research and patient care using quantitative approaches and computational tools to define disease mechanisms and personalize the treatments of individual patients.

Also in this issue: Applying Science to Policymaking Minicourse Wrap Up, UCSF and the Coalition for Life Sciences (CLS) Science Fair on Capitol Hill












Issue #14, March 2024
PMWC Wrap up - Expanded Federal, AI and Equity sessions, Science Editorial, AAAS Annual Meeting presidential address











Issue #13, January 2024

Topics include: Algorithmic Justice Toward Precision Medicine workshop, Precision Medicine World Conference preview, Awards/Honors






Issue #12, September 2023

Topics include: Dentistry Precision Health, Drug Testing on your Genetics, Embedding Equity in Innovation











Issue #11, April 2023

In this 11th issue, we get a report back on the 2023 PMWC conference highlighting expanded tracks in Real World Evidence/Data and public-private partnerships, honors, latest work in Science Policy and Strategy.











Issue #10, January 2023

In the 10th issue, we get a deep look at UCSF's Research Development Office (RDO) in a Q & A with Gretchen Kiser, PhD, executive director. Wrap up of UCSF DC visits with Congresswoman Pelosi, Senator Feinstein and other political leaders.








Issue #9, September 2022

In the 9th issue, we get a report back from PMWC 2022 back in-person, and Science Policy and Strategy updates.








Issue #8, May, 2022

In the 8th issue, Keith Yamamoto discusses building the brains of precison medicine.


Issue #7, September 2021

In the 7th issue, we discuss race and racism in precision medicine. 









Issue #6, May 2021

In the 6th issue, we highlight our numerous partnerships that help deliver precision science, care, and education to the community.










Issue #5, February 2021

In the 5th issue, we discuss the January 2021 PMWC meeting, which focused on COVID-19 and its impact on science and the healthcare enterprise. 


Issue #4, November 2020

In the 4th issue, we speak with Keith Yamamoto, Natalie Alpert and UCSF students about UCSF's role in shaping science policy in Washington DC.


Issue #3, August 2020

In the third issue, we talk with Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo, Joe DeRisi, and Diane Havlir, and learn about how they are joining forces with community groups to address health disparities that have been worsened by COVID-19. 










Issue #2, April 2020

In the second issue, Kate Rankin, Riley Bove and Stephan Sanders discuss BRIDGE, bringing precision medicine into the clinic. 

Precision Medicine Newsletter, Issue 2


Issue #1, January 2020

​In the first issue, Keith Yamamoto outlines what has been accomplished in precision medicine at UCSF and why our institution is considered a leader in the field.

Top of January Newsletter with photo of Keith Yamamoto PhD