Precision Population Health

What is the role of precision medicine in advancing population health? What needs to be present to assure that precision medicine helps alleviate and not exacerbate disparities in health? How can new technologies and “big data” be used to address public health and prevention?

At UCSF we are advancing these important discussion across multiple domains:

  1. Improving data science and technology approaches to address public health issues (with an emphasis on prevention),
  2. Increasing representation of diverse populations in both participation in research studies as well as in the receipt of precision medicine therapies, and
  3. Integrating social, environmental, and behavioral determinants of health with other “-omics” measures for both new scientific discovery and better targeted interventions.

These wide-ranging goals require explicit interaction and multi-disciplinary collaboration between experts in many sectors: medicine; public health; genomics and related –omics sciences; community partners; local, regional, and national government (including various social services departments); industry; additional academic disciplines such as sociology and psychology; and healthcare delivery systems.

We are catalyzing these discussions across UCSF and other institutions nationally and globally.

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