Keith Yamamoto takes picture of white board with "Precision Medicine" selected among other terms
The moment the term "precision medicine" entered the lexicon of biomedical research, health and healthcare: Keith Yamamoto, PhD, at the July 2011 NASEM meeting, recording the choice of the title for the report that formed the foundation for precision medicine (see link below.)  

At UC San Francisco, precision medicine is central to our overarching institutional vision. Precision medicine aims to collect, connect and apply vast amounts of scientific research data and information about our health – from the basic molecular understanding of disease to clinical, environmental, psychosocial and mobile lifestyle data – to understand why individuals respond differently to treatments and help guide more precise, predictive, and equitable medicine and health care worldwide.

UCSF investigators were pioneers in establishing the full spectrum of precision medicine approaches. They provided leadership for the 2011 National Academy of Sciences committee that envisioned and named precision medicine, and helped develop President Obama’s Precision Medicine Initiative, announced at the 2015 State of the Union address, as well as the California Initiative to Advance Precision Medicine.

President Obama and Keith Yamamoto
President Obama and Keith Yamamoto, PhD,