Precision Cancer Medicine

UCSF is a world leader in an approach that tailors care based on a detailed understanding of each individual’s biology and life circumstances.

Among the extraordinary advances in precision cancer diagnosis and treatment being made at UCSF:

  • High throughput genetic testing of each tumor and imaging modalities that enable us to more precisely visualize tumor margins and activity to facilitate safer and more individualized treatment options.
  • Radiation oncology innovations that enhance the eradication of cancer cells while better preserving normal tissue.
  • An expert Cancer Immunotherapy Program – informed by UCSF being one of six centers nationwide that are part of the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy – that harnesses the body’s immune system in the fight against many forms of cancer.
  • An innovative approach to prevention, called the San Francisco Cancer Initiative (SF CAN), which leverages big data to more precisely and effectively identify the city’s populations most at risk for certain cancers, then partners with government and community organizations to reach out to people about prevention and testing.

Learn more about precision cancer medicine projects here.