To equitably advance precision medicine at UCSF and beyond by sharing information and fostering connections across dispersed parts of the university; identifying priorities, challenges, and opportunities; and working to advance key precision medicine programs and initiatives.

Elliott Sherr, MD, PhD

Professor of Neurology
Children's Precision Medicine

Dr. Elliott Sherr is the founder and Principal Investigator of the Brain Development Research Program. Dr. Sherr is a Child Neurologist, and he is invested in elucidating the genetics of neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism and epilepsy, with a particular focus in structural  brain malformations such as agenesis of the corpus callosum (ACC).

Ida Sim, PhD, MD

Professor of Medicine; Director of the UCSF UC Berkeley Joint Program in Computational Precision Health

Ida Sim, MD, PhD is a primary care physician, informatics researcher, and entrepreneur. She is a Professor of Medicine and UCSF Director of the UCSF UC Berkeley Joint Program in Computational Precision Health. Her other UCSF positions include Director of Digital Health for the Division of General Internal Medicine and Co-Director, Informatics and Research Innovation at UCSF's Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute. Dr. Sim is a global leader in the technology and policy of large-scale health data sharing.

Marina Sirota, PhD

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Children's Precision Medicine

Marina is currently an Assistant Professor at the Bakar Computational Health Sciences Institute at UCSF. Prior to that she was the Lead Research Scientist in the Division of Systems Medicine at Stanford University and has worked as a Senior Research Scientist at Pfizer where she focused on developing Precision Medicine strategies in drug discovery. She completed her PhD in Biomedical Informatics at Stanford University, where her graduate work focused on predicting drug-disease relationships based on gene expression to identify novel therapeutic indications for known drugs.

Jason Solle

Executive Director of Principal Gifts Strategy and Planning

Jason Solle partners with senior academic and development leaders to build compelling cases, proposals and strategies to raise funds for multi-disciplinary, strategic initiatives across UCSF.  Jason brings more 19 years of professional experience to his role. In addition to his work in development and fundraising campaigns, he possesses a diverse background in communications, marketing, and management consulting.

Alejandro Sweet-Cordero, MD

Professor of Pediatrics
Program Lead: Cancer

Our goal is to identify novel therapeutic approaches for cancer that target the genetic mutations and altered signaling networks that are specific to cancer cells and their microenvironment. We use functional genomics applied to mouse and human systems (genetically engineered models, patient derived xenografts) to understand the signaling pathways and transcriptional networks that regulate the outcome of specific oncogenic mutations and to identify new approaches for cancer therapy. We have two primary disease interests: lung cancer and pediatric sarcomas.