Scientific Publications

Transparency, trust, and community welfare: towards a precision public health ethics framework for the genomics era

Genomic Medicine
November 20, 2020
Ethics, Genomics, Omics, Population & Public Health

The intersection of genomics and big data with public health: Opportunities for precision public health

PLOS Medicine
October 29, 2020
Data, Genomics, Population & Public Health

Expanding Use of Clinical Genome Sequencing and the Need forMore Data on Implementation

JAMA Network
October 24, 2020
Genomics, Omics, Sequencing

Race, science and (im)precision medicine

Nature Medicine
October 22, 2020
Ethics, General - Precision Medicine

Entering the era of precision medicine in pediatric oncology

Nature Medicine
October 19, 2020
General - Precision Medicine, Oncology, Pediatrics

The Brazilian Initiative on Precision Medicine (BIPMed): fostering genomic data-sharing of underrepresented populations

Nature Genomic Medicine
October 02, 2020
General - Precision Medicine, Genomics, Population & Public Health

Use of social media big data as a novel HIV surveillance tool in South Africa

PLoS One
October 02, 2020
Data, Population & Public Health

Social license for the use of big data in the COVID-19 era

Nature Digital Medicine
October 02, 2020
COVID-19, Data, Digital Health

Time to reality check the promises of machine learning-powered precision medicine

The Lancet
September 16, 2020
Computational Science, General - Precision Medicine