Scientific Publications

Race, science and (im)precision medicine

Nature Medicine
October 22, 2020
Ethics, General - Precision Medicine

Entering the era of precision medicine in pediatric oncology

Nature Medicine
October 19, 2020
General - Precision Medicine, Oncology, Pediatrics

The Brazilian Initiative on Precision Medicine (BIPMed): fostering genomic data-sharing of underrepresented populations

Nature Genomic Medicine
October 02, 2020
General - Precision Medicine, Genomics, Population & Public Health

Use of social media big data as a novel HIV surveillance tool in South Africa

PLoS One
October 02, 2020
Data, Population & Public Health

Social license for the use of big data in the COVID-19 era

Nature Digital Medicine
October 02, 2020
COVID-19, Data, Digital Health

Time to reality check the promises of machine learning-powered precision medicine

The Lancet
September 16, 2020
Computational Science, General - Precision Medicine

Clinical trial design: Past, present, and future in the context of big data and precision medicine

September 15, 2020
Computational Science, Data, General - Precision Medicine

Precision Public Health as a Key Tool in the COVID-19 Response

August 12, 2020
General - Precision Medicine, Population & Public Health

Predicting novel drugs for SARS-CoV-2 using machine learning from a >10 million chemical space

August 01, 2020
Basic Science, Computational Science, COVID-19