Scientific Publications

Primary Care Physicians' Knowledge, Attitudes, and Experience with Personal Genetic Testing

Journal of Personalized Medicine
May 24, 2019
Clinical, Genomics, Omics, Quality Improvement

Cases in Precision Medicine: Genetic Assessment After a Sudden Cardiac Death in the Family

Annals of Internal Medicine
May 21, 2019
General - Precision Medicine, Genomics, Omics

Cases in Precision Medicine: The Role of Pharmacogenetics in Precision Prescribing.

Annals of Internal Medicine
May 21, 2019
Clinical, General - Precision Medicine

The significance of microbiome in personalized medicine

Clinical and Translational Medicine
May 13, 2019
General - Precision Medicine, Microbiome

At the crossroads of oral health inequities and precision public health

Journal of Public Dentistry
May 07, 2019
General - Precision Medicine, Population & Public Health

Recontact practices of cancer genetic counselors and an exploration of professional, legal, and ethical duty.

Journal of Genetic Counseling
May 06, 2019
Clinical, Ethics, Genomics, Omics, Sequencing

Molecular profiling in precision medicine oncology

Nature Medicine
April 29, 2019
Clinical, Omics, Oncology

Molecular profiling of cancer patients enables personalized combination therapy: the I-PREDICT study.

Nature Medicine
April 22, 2019
Clinical, General - Precision Medicine, Genomics, Omics, Oncology